Published: 2021-03-10

Adaptive Thermal Comfort in Learning Spaces: A Study of the Cold Period in Ensenada, Baja California

Julio Rincón, Gonzalo Bojórquez, Víctor Fuentes, Claudia Calderón

96 - 107

Capacity of Albit® Plant Growth Stimulator for Mitigating Side-effects of Pesticides on Soil Microbial Respiration

Alexander Neaman, Eleonora B. Yanushevskaya, Yelena V. Mikhailova, Pedro Mondaca, Alexander Neaman

91 - 95

Tracing Anthropogenic Disturbances of a Wetland Through Carbon and Nitrogen Isotope Analyses in Sediments

M. Catalina Alfaro-De la Torre, M. Catalina Alfaro-De la Torre, Rebeca Y. Pérez-Rodriguez, Francisco A. Comín Sebastián

22 - 29

Multi-Level Land Cover Change Analysis in the Forest-Savannah Transition Zone of the Kintampo Municipality, Ghana

Raymond Aabeyir, Wilson Agyei Agyare, Michael J. C. Weir, Stephen Adu-Bredu

01 - 11

Condition, Tendency, and Dynamic Interactions in a Resilience Context of a Social-Ecological System

Carolin Antoni, Elisabeth Huber-Sannwald, Humberto Reyes Hernández, Anuschka van't Hooft

12 - 21