The JNRD receives the following types of articles


Original Research Articles *


A research article reports the results of original research performed by the authors.

The research article should consist of the following components:

  • an introduction
  • data and methods
  • results
  • discussion
  • conclusions
  • references

Under this LINK you can find word template for research articles.

* Main original research manuscripts.


Review Articles


Review articles are an attempt by one or more authors to sum up the current state of the research on a particular topic. Ideally, the author searches for everything relevant to the topic, and then sorts it all out into a coherent view of the “state of the art” as it now stands. Review articles should have at least 45 references and they should have between 4000 and 6000 words.

Review articles should inform about:

  • the main researchers working in a field
  • recent major advances and discoveries
  • significant gaps in the research
  • current debates
  • future directions

They include an abstract, an introduction that outlines the main theme, brief subheadings, and an outline of important unresolved questions. The author is responsible for ensuring that the necessary permission has been obtained for the re-use of any figures previously published elsewhere.