"Our world is increasingly digital. We grip mobile devices and stare at screens more than ever. And many of the things we care about live and move in the realm of networked digital computers. What are these digital artifacts, or the networks that sustain them? What are they doing to and for us, and who benefits? These questions are vital, for anyone who hopes to understand an increasingly digital world. They are partly technical, and in that sense fall within, for example, computer science. But they are human questions too, and impinge on metaphysics, epistemology, ethics, and other fields of philosophy. It is good and right, then, for there to be a new philosophy journal that addresses these and related questions head-on. That journal is Philosophy & Digitality. I am pleased to serve on the journal's inaugural editorial team, accordingly, and to contribute to its first issue. For the topics at hand — digital computers and what they mean for us — will, I predict, only grow in importance and interest, and philosophers can be helpful in speaking to them with clarity and vigor."

Andrew Bailey, Yale/NUS




“As our world undergoes rapid digital transformation, there is an urgent need for philosophical examination of the nature and implications of these changes for individuals and society. Philosophy & Digitality aims to be the premier journal to bring together diverse philosophical perspectives to comprehensively assess the digital revolution. Therefore, it rightfully deserves a prominent position on the academic podium.”

Philipp Brey, Twente